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 When I started writing Martian fics they were to simply extend the story, I needed to find out what happened to Mark after he got aboard the Hermes. Coincidentally this is the same way I started writing six years ago when I couldn't accept that the ending of Harry Potter was the end. I wrote a 25K story that 'finished' it for myself. Then I discovered what I'd done actually had a name: 'fan fiction' and I plunged down a rabbit hole of discovery.

Anyway, I accidentally created a story arc without realizing it--six of my seven Martian stories actually fit together fairly nicely. There are minor little differences in some backstory/details presented so I'm not going to officially link them. They can  be read separately, but if you want to read them in order:

1) Without You
2) Marry Christmas, Mark
3) Million Miles Away
4) Homeward Bound
5) The Trip Home (new fic)
6) CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE ENDING: if you love fluff read: Newton's Second Law; if you like angsty endings read: Rain (read warnings MC death).

Title: The Trip Home
Fandom: Martian (Weir)
Pairings: Mark Watney/Chris Beck
Word Count: 10K
Summary: Mark and the crew are finally on the journey home to Earth but Mark is still being affected by his lengthy stay on Mars. Chris is torn between the need to be Mark's partner and his doctor.
Tags/Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, illness, Crohn's Disease, Medical references
Rating: T
UPDATED WITH LINK TO FIC! http://archiveofourown.org/works/10385841
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