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I have to admit that the news of Rowling working on the script for a HP-world film did not strike me as that exciting, I'm not a visual person - a new book would thrill me but a film not so much (I dare not admit that I haven't watched all the HP films) - but then I started seeing the posts about being excited for new canon and that is very interesting.

It is wonderful that the film will provide a whole set of fresh canon to follow--or to ignore as the whim dictates.

There is some canon that after having read HP fan fic for two years makes me flinch just a little - three things in particular: Ginny's Bat Bogey Hex, Harry's Treacle Tart, and Draco's Sectumsempra Scar.

Of the three, I find the hex the most grating. It is mentioned so often in fics that contain Ginny. So often. My theory is that there is very little canon about Ginny, in the books she was deep in the background except for when JKR needed her. As a result there is a need, perhaps, to mention the hex to tie the story to canon-Ginny, but really in all the years at Hogwarts surely she achieved more than that one hex?

Harry's Treacle Tart - and yes, I think I've forced myself to use it - does he really like it that much? Maybe it was the only dessert reference JKR made? I don't know. Oddly, Dumbledore's lemon drops don't bother me at all, nor Draco's chocolate fixation. Just the treacle tart. Maybe because we can't get a decent one over here in the States.

Draco's scar. I'm actually writing that into a scene right now, which is why I'm pondering this so hard today. The scar - the bathroom scene - pretty much has to be mentioned if it is an H/D 8th-year or just-post Hogwarts fic, Of the three, I accept the need for this one the most but it does become a rote component to the stories because it is a such a pivotal scene. It is very hard to keep it fresh and give it a new perspective. I guarantee my writing up of it will be nothing new - but I was thinking about Turn by Sara's Girl - she did a brilliant job of making the most of this moment in Harry & Draco's lives.

Are there any aspects of canon that you would be happy to see vanquished?
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[livejournal.com profile] lordhellebore's discussion of Squicks, Triggers and Warnings is a must read for fandom participants. It is a very well-thought essay that discusses the importance of acknowledging the differences between these three things and the need to respect them.  


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