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I"m going to attempt the Snowflake Challenge again this year. An attempt to re-invigorate my writing mojo which is at an all-time low. The first challenge is three self-recs - so here we go:

1) Solder -34K / MA - this has been on my mind as Erised has been posting (and I haven't been able to read a single one, yet!). I wrote Solder for[personal profile] tryslora  in 2015 as a Erised pinch hit. It is the last story of any notable length I've written in the past year. I am pleased with how it turned out, especially since it was a story that I had started and abandoned earlier in 2015. As it is a story that involves addiction and recovery, please be sure to read the warnings, however the Solder-Harry & Draco are ever on my mind so I'm setting a goal of writing up a follow-up story to it. One that has been itching to be written as it is comes from Tryslora's original prompt  ("I’d kill to see a collar fic that is also a family fic, showing the two sides of life." -- doesn't that sound magnificent??) but I'm afraid to write it because it will be a challenge to provide the correct balance and nuance to it. But I want to take on this challenge in 2017.

2) Without Him - 4K / PG+? - I've written several Martian fics, the appeal of the psychological and physiological effects of Mark Watney being alone on an entire planet just can't be beat. The heartbreak and angst of being torn apart from a loved one just adds to the appeal of the situation (if you like that thing). Three of my Martian stories can be loosely linked together and I hope in 2017 to finish a longish fic that kind of takes place after this story and Homeward Bound takes place. The 2017 story will neatly sandwich between those and could be followed by Rain (if you like tragic endings) or Newton's Second Law (if you like happy endings)

3) Taps - 2K / PG - My only Captain America story that I've posted, this is just a little scene that I had in my head because when I think about Steve waking up in the 21st century I'm fairly obsessed with how he adapted, those early morning runs, the notebook, the feeling of being out of place and time. So Taps is an attempt to start feeling that out. My self-challenge for 2017 is to finish the Steve/Sam story that I've started and abandoned several times. 

First attempt at cross-posting, fingers crossed!

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Cross-posting from my Tumblr.

The lovely @eidheann tagged me in the five fics meme where you rec five of your own fics. Eep. Instead of rec’ing, I’m commenting on my fics that are most significant to me. I'm sure if I were to do this next month my answers would be a different but these are the one's I picked today.

First one is easy. It’s the one I think I’m known for (I’m Oakstone730, by the way, *waves*), and certainly the most read (holy shit when did it pass 40K views on AO3?), shared, and rec’d: Twist of Fate.

Twist is significant to me in that it was the third or fourth story I wrote and due to its length (300K) I can see my writing evolve and improve from the beginning to the end. I also like it for the way I was able to wrap the canon of the books into a Harry/Draco Hogwarts story.

The Day After: The Missing Chapters from the end of Deathly Hallows would be my second fic that stands out. It was my first story, written in a frenzy in August 2011 before I even knew fanfiction existed, because I had read and re-read Hallows and felt so unsatisfied that I sat down and created my own ending. Full of typos. Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione

Taps - this is my only Captain America offering, even though I have dozens of ideas floating around in my head, Taps is the only one which has been completed. Kind of completed. I actually have another 10K that I cut from it because I decided that less is more. For me the time just after Steve wakes up in the 21st century is the most evocative. How would it feel to be trapped between the two time periods and trying to move on? It’s a gen fic.

Solder - written as a pinch-hit for Erised. I like this one because it has components of stories that I tried to write several times in the past and couldn’t fit together, until I had to throw together a story in a few weeks and Solder was born. It is typical of my longer fics - combining high angst with fluffy moments. Deals with the difficult subject of addiction and the effects it has on a family - but with a tentative yet still positive ending. Harry/Draco

Smoke and Mirrors - Harry/Charlie. Although I’m known as a Harry/Draco shipper my true OTP is Harry/Charlie. This story is *not* for everyone. It’s BDSM but because I don’t wander too far from my favorite writing style it is also fluffy and angsty. This is one of those stories that asked to be written and I couldn’t stop until it was done.

That’s my five - but just a quick shout out to any Mark Watney/Chris Beck readers (all 4-5 of you...) I do have six Mark/Chris stories of varying degrees of angst, fluff, and death.


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