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 When I started writing Martian fics they were to simply extend the story, I needed to find out what happened to Mark after he got aboard the Hermes. Coincidentally this is the same way I started writing six years ago when I couldn't accept that the ending of Harry Potter was the end. I wrote a 25K story that 'finished' it for myself. Then I discovered what I'd done actually had a name: 'fan fiction' and I plunged down a rabbit hole of discovery.

Anyway, I accidentally created a story arc without realizing it--six of my seven Martian stories actually fit together fairly nicely. There are minor little differences in some backstory/details presented so I'm not going to officially link them. They can  be read separately, but if you want to read them in order:

1) Without You
2) Marry Christmas, Mark
3) Million Miles Away
4) Homeward Bound
5) The Trip Home (new fic)
6) CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE ENDING: if you love fluff read: Newton's Second Law; if you like angsty endings read: Rain (read warnings MC death).

Title: The Trip Home
Fandom: Martian (Weir)
Pairings: Mark Watney/Chris Beck
Word Count: 10K
Summary: Mark and the crew are finally on the journey home to Earth but Mark is still being affected by his lengthy stay on Mars. Chris is torn between the need to be Mark's partner and his doctor.
Tags/Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, illness, Crohn's Disease, Medical references
Rating: T
UPDATED WITH LINK TO FIC! http://archiveofourown.org/works/10385841
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I've spent the past few weeks writing a smattering of Martian ficlets...after battling weeks (months?) of writer's block it is freeing to explore a new fandom and just get words written again. All are PG, although the angst level is high in a couple, especially Watney Out.

Title: Watney Out - AO3 Link
Warnings: Angst, Alternate Ending AU
Word Count: 2,683
Pairing: Watney/Beck and Beck/Johanssen

Summary: In 2085, the Watney 1 mission is sent by NASA to revisit Acidalia Planitia, fifty years after the emergency evacuation by the Ares 3 crew. Chris Beck was afraid they were going to attempt to bring back Mark's body, the Watney 1 mission however came back with something worse than he could've imagined.

Title: Homeward Bound - AO3 Link
Warnings: none
Word Count: 2,683
Pairing: Watney/Beck

Summary: 557 days after being left on the Mars, Mark Watney is finally back on board the Hermes. Dr. Chris Beck is the first one to see him after the rescue.

Title: Without Him - AO3 Link
Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 4,210
Pairing: Watney/Beck

Summary: Aboard the Hermes Chris Beck struggles to get through each day on the trip back to Earth after Mark was killed. He is managing until an email from Mark's mother brings back reminders of everything he has lost.

Title: Million Miles Away - AO3 Link
Warnings: angst
Word Count: 625
Pairing: Watney/Beck

Summary: Chris Beck's reaction after learning, months after leaving the Martian surface, that Mark Watney was still alive.

Unofficial Martian Timeline: If you are thinking about writing a Martian fic (PLEASE DO, more fics are needed!), I got tired of flipping around in the book trying to find what happened when so I made a GoogleSheet timeline of the events of what happened on Mars, Hermes, and Earth. Feel free to use it. The second tab is a listing of crew information, as given in the book and movie.

And one non-Martian, non-HP ficlet - I can't stop thinking about what it would be like for Steve Rogers after waking up in a changed world - this is my nod to that.

Title: Taps - AO3 Link
Time Period: sometime after Avengers but pre-CA:TWS
Warnings: none? angsty? more contemplative than angsty
Rating: none needed
Word Count: 2,251
Summary: Adapting to the 21st Century isn't as easy as Steve Rogers would like everyone to believe. Sometimes he has to take a step back and remember all that he lost.


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