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In a lovely change from the last few months, I've been writing WORDS! Truly excited to be creating again. Last month I wrote two stories - a Harry/Draco pinch-hit for Remix and a Sam/Steve (Avengers) story that I've been wanting to write for ages!

Sea Stones (Harry/Draco)
This is a remix of Persephoneapple's lovely and heartbreaking Secret of the Sea. Be sure to read her original because she tells a wonderful story of recovery from loss.

A03 Link - 2,400 word count - Rating: G - Major character death & Mpreg & Kidfic
When death comes unexpectedly the lives of loved ones are torn apart until the healing slowly begins.

Connections (Sam/Steve)
This is my only second story set in the Avengers fandom. This one, like the previous one (Taps) is set in the Captain America: The Winter Solider timeline. I'm fairly obsessed with a melancholy Steve trying to adapt to a new century. In Connections, Sam reaches out and a friendship begins. 

AO3 Link - 9,600 word count - Rating G - R
eferences to past Steve/Bucky; Sam/Riley
Sam Wilson’s brief encounter with Steve Rogers on the Capitol Mall leads to an unexpected friendship. Sam hopes that there might be a chance for more, but someone from Steve’s past is standing in the way. 

Oh! And Snowgall wrote me a WONDERFUL reimix of a tiny little drabble I did ages ago for a comment fest! I LOVE her story - it matches my style so wonderfully and I can't believe it is only her second story ever!. Go read it! - Bite Your Tongue. If you want to read my original (which I'd completely forgotten about, it is here.)


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