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I'm wandering through my WiPs folder there are things I have absolute no memory writing....

"Steve Christmas" -- this is all that is in this story? I guess I just stopped? I have no idea where I was going with it. Vaguely I think it was going to be about the difference between Christmas in the 1930s vs 2010s (lead tinsel, lights, etc)

The tree was crooked. Steve tilted his head and squinted. It was still crooked.

“I’m 94 years old and still can’t get a Christmas tree in its stand.” Steve mutters to himself as he tries to adjust the trunk in the tree stand, tightening the bolts, remembering at the last minute not to use too much force.

Then There is this one that is just named "Random Sex Description"

.His body trembling underneath you, the jolt when you hit the right spot and his his legs wrapping around you, willing you closer and you watch him suck in his breath, as his diaphragm seizes and clenches. You hold off your pleasure, needing to make his last and your hands seek his, fingers locking as you find the right rhythm together. The burn in your thighs as you thrust, pushing it as hard as he can take it. The rasp of his skin against your lips as you kiss his neck and fight to make it all last.

The electric feel of his fingers gliding along your heated skin, his lips sucking at your nipples, chest, neck. Locking eyes with him and knowing from the way his eyes flare that he is close and needing to feel him come while you are inside of him. The amazing sensation of feeling him clench as his back arches and the hot splash of his come against your skin.

And then there's this random Harry/Draco snip  [can't get DW cut to work on this... I think because of the quote marks? GRRR]

“I can see you skulking over there by the maps, Potter. What are you doing here?”
The rolled up map that Harry had been pretending to look at fell to the floor as he jerked around to see Draco glaring at him from atop a ladder on the other side of the bookshop. Draco had been busy filing books on the upper level shelves, Harry hadn’t thought he could be seen. 
“Pick that up, and put it back.” Draco said as he started down ladder. Harry picked up the map and fumbled it. “Careful, Potter. That’s a one of a kind map. What are you doing here? Don’t you have patients to save?”
“Oh, uhm. I was looking for a present for a friend.”
“No, you’re not. Christmas is past and gone and Granger’s birthday isn’t for another eight months.”

Anyway...i just find it funny that there are all these random things. And I haven't even dared to open the file called "Mish Mash of Scenes and Ideas"


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