Jun. 25th, 2017

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I was tagged by @carpemermaidtales on Tumblr in the first line meme. Kind of excited to do this again -- I haven’t done a first lines retrospective in a while...this should be interesting. Here goes nothing: 

Sam stood under the spray of hot water, arms braced against the shower wall as he mentally replayed what had happened on his run.  (Connections - Sam/Steve)

Draco cautiously pulled Lucas's bedroom door closed. (Sea Glass - Draco/Harry)

"Beck to sleeping quarters, STAT." (Trip Home - Chris/Mark)

It was Christmas but there was no joy aboard the Hermes. (Marry Christmas, Mark - Chris/Mark)

"You are stark raving." Albus blinked at Scorpius. (Night Out - Albus/Scorpius with a side of Draco/Harry)

There was someone in his bed. (Starting Over - Charlie/Harry)

His heart still racing from the last hill they'd pedaled up, Mark pulled off his bicycle helmet and ran his fingers through his matted hair.  (Newton’s Second Law and Other Forces of Nature - Chris/Mark)

The rasp of metal against metal woke Mark with a jerk. (Rain - Chris/Mark)

Draco hated the blue and gold tile pattern of the third floor of St Mungo's.  (Solder - Draco/Harry)

Harry stared at Slughorn in disbelief, "Malfoy? Why not Hermione? I can't -"  (Firebond - Draco/Harry)

Johanssen's voice was muffled, Chris barely heard it through the beat of the Rolling Stones in his headphones.  (Without Him - Chris/Mark)

At last, the Hermes repressurized and gravity was restored. (Homeward Bound - Chris/Mark)

"Dad, they are here." My son, M.J., stood in the doorway of the kitchen. (Watney Out - Chris/Mark)

The five words were swirling through my head as I went into freefall, plummeting through space, fighting for the ability to breathe. (Million Miles Away - Chris/Mark)

I slammed down on the brake pedal of the hired Jaguar, skidding to a stop as the recorded voice told me to turn right, which would have been fine except there was no paved road. (Unexpected Turn - Draco/Harry)

Steve jerked awake, the echo of a scream still ringing in his ears. (Taps - Steve Rogers gen fic)

The beech tree was perfectly situated to catch a bit of breeze coming off the lake and still provide sufficient shade from the April sunshine, which seemed determined to force the last dregs of winter away. (New Path - Harry/Draco)  

Ginny shouldn't have noticed it at all.  (At Second Glance - Harry/Ron)

Harry shifted uncomfortably on the wooden chair, grimacing as needles of pain shot through his left leg.  (Bedside Manner - Harry/Charlie)

“Harry.” The urgency in Ron’s voice barely penetrated the fog of Monday morning paperwork. (Secrets Revealed - Harry/Draco)

It is interesting...seeing how I open stories, and I think it has changed a bit. I tend to open with an action, (might even be considered a pre-cliffhanger). And I’m dabbling a lot more with first person. I don’t think any of my early stories were first person. 

Please note if you click through that several of these stories deal with Major Character Death, other pairings, and potential triggers. Read the warnings on the AO3 descriptions.

AND I’ve gotten much more diverse with my pairings and fandoms - YAY!

Consider yourself tagged! 


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